True love never meant ease

It meant peace after war

True love may never come quietly

Typically it leaves abruptly and boisterous

True love feels like an empty vessel

Not defined by it’s contents but prepared to carried it’s capacity

True love is silent

It allows for the sounds of the beautiful, to sing loud

True love may be invisible


So is oxygen

Both takes your breathe away

and fills

you with


True love might be heaven

After you go through hell

You know the difference

True love is loading…

It takes time

True love is nature…

It grows, blossoms, wilts, dies, then returns once more

True love might be a place between forever and never

Somewhere between excited for it to begin and afraid of its date of expiration.

True Love

Something like a fable or parable

More a moral of the story than one simple word

Faltering in understanding in regards to whom needs to hear it

Interpreted differently based on who decides to digest it.

True Love

True Love

True Love

True Love

True Love

repeated until it’s heard

True Love

A decision to evolve

True Love

A question and an answer!