What I long for is victory and guidance,

The mystery of love and work life balance.

2 rise like yeast, for all to see

Courage to find a cure along with peace and equality.

I don’t ask for much

But why in this white mans world does it feel so unjust

Now it’s hard for me to trust,

Trust none of what I hear and half of what I see

There’s a time to persevere, take faith… belief in the things unseen

Such haste, to take a vaccine…

The great debate, how can it be safe

For instance we’re appalled at the approval rate

The resistance, there’s no more debate another great divide, nothing late about an early demise, my secret source of strength.

Apparently my perseverance is proof

Until I heard that Father Time was a parent of truth and Mother Nature was a victim of abuse

How does your tree bare fruits

Along my path to pursue my happiness

Everything is absolute,

May your perseverance lead to truth,

Less misdirection for the youth,

Until there’s nothing else to dispute.