A season of time

You are here for a reason

If only it’s for a season

A safe place

A mirror

A window into my soul

You are the reason

I’m facing my fears

Dealing with shit I thought I moved on from years ago

You’re making me stronger even if it’s by mistake

Why are you doing this to me

I didn’t ask for this or maybe I did

Maybe it’s what my soul needed but I just had been running from it

This season I’m in

It’s dark, it’s light, up and down

I realized I’m rebirthing

Like a lotus emerging out a water

It’s a new life

A fresh breath of air

No more drowning

No more struggling to stay above water

I’ve been on this journey quite some time now but how did you accelerate it.

Shit ain’t fucking easy.

How the fuck I spend years dealing with this

Just for you to bring your ass In here n push me

Off the fucking ledge

Like here stop being a punk

Fucking go


I guess it’s for a reason or a season

Submission -Shampayne Selmon