screaming for help, this voice inside myself
but no one can hear me, I guess I’m just inside myself

feeling alone inside crowded rooms

I see my doom continue to bloom I guess I’m just beside myself

But no one knows the pain I felt
the cards I was dealt

I’m not complaining I have my head held up mouth closed still afraid to ask for help
and it’s raining every day that I wake up
tears of a clown

with pride I wear my makeup
until I speak to a friend from long ago I felt was blessed

to share my story and he shared his
he showed me he cared in the world I thought was careless

he let me know I wasn’t alone and that suicide isn’t the answer it’s a permanent sentence to a temporary problem without forgiveness leaving me 6 feet deep
And my name carved in stone.

Dedicated to anyone considering suicide

-Trey Peeler