The porch was more comfortable than any seat at therapy.
It is where I witnessed the loudest niggas reciting street code, was the first ones to make it home….
Before the street lamps or gunshots
I would sit and talk to the fireflies.
The porch is where I dreamed to be an astronaut…
The place I
learned a promise held the same weight as gravity.
Where slang meets grammar.
Words always remain empty.
The porch is where I learned to always take one ear phone out and listen.
To never be caught slipping.
To understand that, sometimes,a split second silence can be more deadly than a siren🚨 .
The porch is entertainment
Where we made the best out of playing double dutch with phone cords, and basketball with the cartons that milk came in.
But never ding dong ditch, cause everybody else in the hood lived in apartments.
The porch is
When I realized how little I pay attention
Learning how to snap by watching the dice roll when people play craps. 🎲
The porch was dangerous.
When knuck if you buck got serious.
My siblings screaming if she hit you, you better hit their ass tf back! 👊🏾
The porch was the place we held interventions.
Roast sessions, and, no you hang up first conversation….🥰
The porch is for people watching.
Such as my nosy neighbors making sure I wasn’t a menace, minding everyone but her own business.
The porch is where we play our music… when the mailman pull up, cause there is no need for invitations.
whole hood had my porch smelling like my grandma kitchen.
The porch is nostalgic.
It’s the place I have to sit and take my, way back when medication.
When the world moves alittle to fast and I become home sick.
When I watch the people who watch me, get old and sick.
When the new generation and gentrification.
Need a reliable reference.
I now see myself using the porch for storytelling.
The porch
more comfortable than any seat at therapy… is where I sit with my family and friends. And reminanice…
And everybody say
I remember way back when!

-Submission by TRUE