Stepping into your power sometimes doesn’t feel normal, especially when you have hidden from it, yet it does feel liberating once you accept it.

I was told many men live in the future but the present is where his actions take place. Planning ahead wasn’t always my favorite or choice. I was told a many of things but most of them sadly as a child were about my inabilities than my possibilities.

When you focus on defective or deficient traits you live in a past reel of scenes, in which your actions should have taken this course but since they didn’t this is your reward. The paradox then is when you envision a future it is stained with a prejudice of self induced sabotage. The minor moments—- swift and confident proactive actions leads to a reoccurring acknowledgment of self awareness. So instead of asking why? I ask how do I stand in my own way, how does my life reflect myself and how do I get out of my own way.

Seeing a brighter day was far more difficult than weathering a cold night. So for me, Value is created in long term significance not short term gain; while manhood has taught me to plan ahead and plan often, yet be prepared for all of it to not be in my control. I’ve come to a more serene place and truth within myself. Character and courage have been high priority of my latest developments. Except a nagging overly active mind brings anxiety to a high many will never understand. While for myself focus is a struggle, that resembles chasing beads of water down a window pane.

Experience is key so —-one step after one step, moment after moment always provides the blessing of journey to make it all work .

I talk to the child version of myself and let him know he’s doing great & to keep his vision and trust in his life, not the one others intended for you!