If I’m alive and well and you read about my history. Would my past prevail or precede itself?

I think about my mental health and how it appears to be a mystery

And with all the days I lived through hell inside myself living in misery

Imagine me, smiling me… Dad Joke me, hard-working me and lovely me too sad to see how broken lonely and down I could be

It was really hard to like me.

Rather then quietly trying to find my missing pieces well if I even saw it would it really complete me and all my insecurities

blasting towards my conscience

My God sent me with some common sense before my fall,

before I could fly, I was made to crawl.

Later trapped within my chrysalis

as a spider which spun his web then fled into the abyss

my insidious ways created one very hideous day.

Unable to rewind and fix, at times it shows his ugly face evermore patient.

Only to remind me of all the years I prayed for restoration

now I’m finally free to show my appreciation

To all who rescued me during my vacation.

-Charles Peeler