Hey You,

Smile it won’t hurt

Laugh until you cry

Squeeze tight on every hug

Say Goodbye in joy

Say hello in acceptance

Tell yourself secrets

Crying is for the brave

Courage is fears enemy

Love isn’t momentary

Pain happens but so does pleasure

Sweets won’t kill you, only to much

Music is spiritual connect with it

Art is spiritual express with it

Help is universal lead with it

Life is limited what you do in it isn’t

Death is certain …today wasn’t

Moments are memories distant cousin

Fun is subjective

Reading is fundamental

Energy is currency

Time is a concept

The seasons changes many times a year, so can you

Stars shine in dark places

Light doesn’t see its brightness but others do

Silence is a canvas

To good to be true just means

It’s an opportunity for, to great to be false.

If this day isn’t your favorite —tomorrow might be

Mistakes make masters

Problems make pioneers

Obstacles make opportunities

Let Go, Move On, and Never Look Back

Peace is free

Remember to smile it won’t hurt

Give your gift to the world !

Never lose your inner child before the world told you he was a problem.

Because he is the solution!

P.S. I look up to you!