Category: Story Time

Gather round the fireplace and listen to stories or maybe chime in and tell a story of your own…

Ms. Chocolate : The Introduction

—She will melt in your mind,mouth, and your hands

On Time

FEMININITY : Timing is EVERYTHING, A moment can stir the next…

First Glance

When I first saw you I fell in Love, and you smiled because you knew. – William Shakespeare

The Call

Lily had pondered long enough on whether she should use the number. She was going out on a limb and after finishing up her to-do list she was going to reach out to her mysterious suitor and make plans for the week upcoming. She was in the midst of grocery

Saturday Sonnets…

“The message may be wrapped in tattered packaging, or dolled up in waves of silk. Sometimes it is messy and other times it is beautiful. Just never forget to receive the message.” – Confident1al

The Perfect 10

If you love life, don’t waste time, for life is what time is made of. – Bruce Lee


Perspective is EVERYTHING…

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