Diary of A Black Man #17

Dear Diary, For the last 3 nights I've awaken to a lack of oxygen, as almost as to indicate sickness but more so closer to a feeling of death. I find myself filled with congestion, yet water does not subdue and at a final completion of mucus removal I find my mouth to be a [...]


Picture Perfect

Refocusing my aperture with hopes to capture the opportunity. Filtering through raw images to a place of finished products. 5 by 7 so it's proportional to the depths of the hues, amongst the scenery. Black and White won't denounce the depth of your womanhood. Canvassing you is merely the most suitable way to admire you. [...]

Diary of A Black Man #14

Dear Diary, Frustration may be an understatement, not exactly sure how to alleviate it. Wondering how on earth I've allowed myself to fall for this same trap. It's not as if I haven't bumped my head enough. It's more like I decided to continually touch the hot stove after being burnt. I can blame no [...]