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Midnight Snack Pt. 1

She said she wanted to feel my words, so I knelt down and began by…..

Diary of A Black Man #22

—-It was quite apparent, that what was in front of me was myself—

Diary of A Black Man #25

—I see heaven and opportunity everywhere.

Diary of A Black Man #11

—I was alone and truly enjoyed that part, for company was the least of my worries.

Diary Of A Black Man #44

—In the mean time my focus has to remain as it is quite obvious something may be arising here soon!

Diary of A Black Man #21

—These forms of expression have removed me from the fear of destruction.

Diary of A Black Man #28

“Here I stand,at a crossroad, being a man yet of more important value because black is the other road that intersects.” – Confident1al

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